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Total support from SPIRAL Foundation to

Vietnam Nepal Italy

from January 1998 to December 2014


Hanoi Spiral Workshop, Hanoi Vietnan

from January 1998 to December 2009 $ 463,606.31


Himalayan HealthCare Nepal

from June 2002 to November 2010 $ 826,000.00


Healing the Wounded Heart Project, Hue Vietnam

from April 2003 to December 2014 $ 523,591.22


Refugee ScART, Roma Italy

from October 2011 to December 2014 Euro 280,000.00



($ 297,210.64 exchange rate E.1 = $1.061)


GRAND TOTAL $2,110,408.10 



Here is a list showing a few of Spiral Foundation Accomplishments since 1998

- Employment for over 1000 in Vietnam & Nepal with fair salaries

- More than 331 heart surgeries & treatments for poor Vietnamese children with life threatening disease including brain tumor in Hue, Vietnam 

- The construction of the Healing the Wounded Shop (a resale facility run by disabled artisans to promote self sustainability), a Workshop and a Housing Facility in Hue Vietnam. Since the opening of the shop, the disabled artisans of Healing the Wounded Heart  have funded more than 100 heart surgeries for children and adults born with congenital heart malformations. The HWH shop is mentioned in Lonely Planet & The New York Times travel section. 

- A two week educational trip for 2 disabled Vietnamese artisans to Los Angeles

- Meal s and Medical Insurance & recreation activities for 20 disabled artisans at Hue’s Workshop since 2003

- Purchase of equipment for genetic counseling in Hue

- A cow for the livelihood of the Minh Giau's family in Hue province.

- Fishing equipment, and a pig for the livelihood of 2 heart surgery families in Hue province.

- Financial support for 42 families in Hanoi for 2 years

- $90,000.00 donated to build Ilam Clinic, Nepal serving 300.000 patients.

- A Scooter for Phuong, specially fitted for her special needs. 

- Sign language class for hearing impaired artisans in Hue, Vietnam

- English classes for Vietnamese and Nepalese workshop members

- Dental Camp in Mabu & Sumbek, Nepal serving 200 patients

- Eye Clinic Camp, Nepal

- 15 month Salary for Dental Doctor and Oral Hygienist Training

- 90,000 Dollars donated to build the Ilam Clinic, Nepal

- Support to sustain Ilam Clinic running costs and maternity programs

- The Purchase of Anesthesia Machine for Ilam Clinic, Nepal

- Midwife training for the villages of Shertung and Dhading, Nepal

- 6800 Vaccinations in Nepal every year since ‘03

- The construction of the Dhading Library in Nepal serving 600 students

- Salaries for 10 teachers in Nepal every year since ’03

- 7 Scholarships in the village of Tipling, Nepal every year since ‘03

- 3 Years of schooling for 12 orphan girls in Sapa, Vietnam

- Salaries for 2 healthcare workers responsible for the Shertung & Tipling Health Posts in Nepal every year since ’03

- Construction of a Library at Ilam Clinic and the Dhading Library serving 600 students, Nepal

- Medical treatment for 35 critically ill patients in Nepal annually since ‘03

- 3 Years of English classes for 10 Members of the Hanoi Workshop

- Public awareness & sanitation programs in Nepal

- Midwife training program in Shertung, Nepal

- 10,000 cardamom seeds planted in Nepal

- 24 Handicraft Workshops in Vietnam & Nepal for over 100 participants

- $20,000 to fund medical equipment for newborn babies in 3 hospitals of the Lao Chai province, Vietnam

- The purchase of 35 angora rabbits to produce our angora wool items in Nepal & happily multiply daily…


- Since 2011, with the patronage of UNHCR T United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Spiral Foundation Italy has been supporting African Refugees arrived in Italy in search of protection, by funding a recycling workshop and returning 100% of all income to the refugee artisans.  In 4 years 12 tons of trash collected in the streets of Rome have been recycled and transformed in colorful decorative and apparel items. With this operation artisans have gained a sense of self and purposes, generating for them selves and their families over 280.000 euros.


- Many smiles of thousands of individuals!

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