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Our Work In Italy



REFUGEE ScART – Migrant Art is a humanitarian aid project founded by the Spiral Foundation Onlus (C.F. 97670770581), in summer 2011. It operates under the patronage of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) - South Europe Office and in cooperation with Centro Astalli (JRS), Laboratorio 53 and Programma Integra. In a workshop made available by AMA Roma SpA, a group of ten refugees create artistic sheets from recycled scrap (scarto, in Italian) material to manufacture objects of great use and beauty. In the past three years REFUGEE ScART has recycled over ten tons of plastic making a significant contribution to the environment of historic central Rome.




The main goal of REFUGEE ScART is to benefit a group of refugees, arrived in Italy in search of protection by facilitating opportunities and paths to regain one's dignity [“the state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect.”]. With REFUGEE ScART refugees become positive contributors to the common good, give back to the society that has welcomed them. Through REFUGEE ScART refugees no longer experience a condition of isolation and anonymity: they become part of a group acquiring a sense of belonging, identity, self-esteeme and pride that encourages the integration process. Above all REFUGEE ScART refugees are able to generate an income. The entire (100%) proceeds from sales go directly to the refugees that created the objects.




REFUGEE ScART was born in August 2011 at the Termini Railway Station in central Rome. The first objects were created using trash found in the station. A group of ten refugees started gathering discarded plastic in order to transform it into creative and useful objects. From August 2011 to December 2014, nine thousand seven hundred and fifty kilos of plastic and paper have been recycled by REFUGEE ScART artisans. During this time, with an initial investment of one thousand six hundred euros, REFUGEE ScART has generated over two-hundred and fifty thousand euros. One hundred per cent of all proceeds generated from sales go to the refugees-artisans who manufactured the objects. REFUGEE ScART has not asked for, nor received, any public funding. In September 2012 REFUGEE ScART, was honored to be part of an exhibition at the Biblioteca of the Collegio Romano in Rome where REFUGEE ScART artistic compositions where displayed on the library walls. In December 2014 a REFUGEE ScART installation will be on display at Museo Bilotti, Aranciera di Villa Borghese. Furthermore since August 2013, REFUGEE ScART refugees-artisans have decided to help other migrants in greater difficulty than themselves by donating a part of their monthly income to EMERGENCY'S Ong-Onlus medical post for recent migrants in Castel Volturno (Caserta).


REFUGEE ScART is a simple idea of great social utility: it clears the streets of discarded plastics, it recycles scrap materials while generating work, and it allows refugees to start a new life. Participants of REFUGEE ScART, in time, are themselves empowered to become donors to others in greater need. By building civic partnership, everybody benefits: from the city's oldest residents to its newest. A true example to all.


REFUGEE ScART: a sustainable model, a true example to all


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